EMS Advisors philosophy is simple, provide the best patient care possible.
With a unique 40+ years of dedication to EMS experience in both pre-hospital and hospital settings, we have extensive expertise in the following areas:

  • EMS Systems and Design 

    Demographic needs assessment in determining best levels of coverage, type of coverage (ALS vs. BLS) and deployment.

  • EMS Operations 

    Unique EMS management philosophy integration which includes customer service focused (putting patient first) mentality.

  • Financial Compliance

    Assistance in providing fiscal responsibility while always ensuring the patient comes first, reconciliation of expenses, appropriate depreciation schedules.

  • Customer Service Excellence

    Through the philosophy of internal and external customer service training, EMS Advisors uses the “Power of Touch”TM training to ensure the highest patient care touch possible.

  • ARCR and BEMS Compliance

    Regulatory compliance standards in analyzing, completing and reporting Annual Revenue Cost Recovery (ARCR) in conjunction with the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (BEMS).

  • Advanced ALS and BLS Training

    Using a patient centric model, EMS Advisors provides Basic Trauma Life Support (BTLS) and enhanced Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) training for pre-hospital and hospital based professionals, which includes physicians.

  • CON Expertise

    Exclusive representation of nonprofit organizations, fire districts and municipalities in the certificate of necessity process (CON), which includes system analysis, determination of improvements (needs assessment) and representation throughout the CON application and implementation model.

  • Billing

    “EMS Approved DHS Billing” and “EMS Services Billing Response and Treatment without Transport” are some of the most and complex billing systems. Having 25+ years in the EMS billing environment, which includes one of the first billing systems in the state, EMS Advisors provides significant breadth to your needs.

  • Risk Management

    Having oversight to the largest EMS risk management system in the state, EMS Advisors applies ethical, fiduciary, risk-versus-reward mitigation to solve all risk and risk management needs.

  • Communications

    Protocols for “PSAPs”, System Design, Redundancy, IT Infrastructure, Staffing Models, Customer Service Training, Enhanced EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatch), and Response AVL Algorithms are some of the enhanced services provided to assist your communication needs.

  • Fleet

    Having built one of the largest EMS fleet centers in the county, understanding vehicular specific department needs, purchasing, outfitting, design needs, ASA certified mechanic training, independent needs assessment, “PM” Preventative Maintenance, unique design and cost saving measures.