small jimJim Hayden, CEO 

Jim brings over 25 years of EMS experience to EMS Advisors as its founder. From clinician to administration, from expert EMS consultation to Hospital Board Chairman, Jim has managed a $300M budget, 2,600 employees and directed a $9.1B hospital system with 89,000 employees and 9,000 beds.

CSmithCharlie Smith, Vice President

As the Vice President of Operations for EMS Advisors, Charlie will enhance the Business Development plan and continue to build additional relationships through his 35 plus years in EMS, Fire Service and ambulance operations experience. Charlie will also bring insight into the Arizona Legislature that he acquired as the President, Vice President and Chairman of the Legislative Action Committee for the Arizona Ambulance Association during the past several years. Charlie was appointed to the Arizona State EMS Council in 1985 and has participated in the Procedure, Medications and Devices (PMD) sub-committee of the Medical Direction Commission. Charlie has chaired many of the PMD workgroups on EMS and has also co-authored or participated in a majority of the EMS and ambulance Statute and Rules revisions. Charlie will be a welcomed addition to the EMS Advisors team.

small ralphRalph Vassallo, Director of Revenue Cycle Management 

Since 1976, Ralph has been involved in the ambulance billing world from Connecticut to Arizona, and his various positions in the billing management structure has allowed him the advantage of knowing each individual level of ambulance billing intimately. Ralph has been responsible for systems that billed a minimal amount of bills each year to systems that billed over 750,000 bills annually. He has worked with and managed both private and public ambulance billing systems. His knowledge of the Medicare and Medicaid systems, as well as those of the third party payers, is second to none. Ralph believes that EMS and Ambulance billing requirements are some of the most complex systems. Having the knowledge to know which path to follow is a must if you are going to succeed in collecting all of the revenue that you have earned. Having an experienced billing group who have that knowledge, and are capable of guiding you on the path of success is today’s standard of excellence.